Town Emergencies
With Snowstorm Evelyn fresh in our memories (nearly 3 feet of
snow in April 2018), perhaps it is a good time for a conversation
about Town Emergencies and how they are managed.

First, if you have a personal emergency, your first step is
always to call 911 for help.

The most common cause of an emergency in the town is something
weather-related.  Travel on our roads may be restricted and there
may be a loss of power.  How do we respond?

Actually, there are federal and state requirements which guide our
actions, with assistance from county government.  By resolution
(#107-2015) the Town of Harrison adopted the Waupaca County All
Hazards Mitigation Plan as our official plan.  A more individualized
Town Emergency Response Plan was adopted by resolution 108-

So how do these government requirements and plans for managing
emergencies actually affect you?  What are the expectations for
mitigating various kinds of emergencies?  For those of us who have
lived in the Town of Harrison for a few years we know of specific
examples where some roads were impassible and/or power was
out for up to three days.  Rare, but not without precedent.  

What did we do in response to Snowstorm Evelyn?  In general, we
sheltered in place until the roads were cleared.  
And quite simply,
that is our answer to Town Emergencies – shelter in place
until authorities are able to restore normality.

We help ourselves by keeping extra supplies at home (food, water,
fuel, medicine, etc.), obtaining backup power, and a strong attitude
of neighbor helping neighbor (we saw a lot of that happening).  
course your extra supplies and backup power arrangements
only help if you have them at home before an emergency

Remember, the more extensive an area affected by the
emergency, the longer it will take for help to arrive
.  Resources
available to authorities to deal with emergencies are limited.  So the
more people who are prepared to fend for themselves the easier it
will be for authorities to help others in need.

For more information on how you can help yourself to “weather the
storm”, please see our “Be Prepared” web page on this town

Town of Harrison Emergency Response Plan